The following Work Phases represent how we communicate with our clients to achieve their goals.

Phase 1

Start- 3D Model Creation

We provide our clients with preliminary black and white images based on the information provided by them (.pdf or .dwg files required). This stage is important to verify camera position and to correct any minor architectural detail.

Phase 2

Adding Colors, Materials & Lighting

We correct the model, taking extra care of the details included in the feedback. In addition, we´ll start adding colors, materials, lighting and some landscaping to the rendering.

Phase 3

Phase 3:Decoration and texture mapping

Being the client completely satisfied with the two previous steps, we carry on with the process. We include all accessories and decoration creating the final review.

Phase 4

Phase 4: Finishing

Once the phase 3 has been approved, we deliver the final rendering in a crisp high resolution media (JPEG, TIFF, or other formats) and we finish with the process.

Why Choose Us

      • Our team of experts are here to take care of every detail of your project, from the second you contact us to the final rendering.
      • Fully responsive so your renderings will always look good on any screen size.
      • We have a good balance of experience and youthful energy.
      • We like working for people who want to create something special.
      • We are committed to working closely with you to develop ideas, meet needs, and work within budgets.

What Our Clients Say

“Xpress Rendering´s team is an Excellent resource for 3D Rendering. I highly recommend them for any of your complex needs”
Charles K.
“Paola is a true professional. I have enjoyed my relationship with her”
John S.
“XR is a highly positive and energetic company, always willing to assit, adding skill and knowledge to every project. It was a pleasure working with them”
Kobi P

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